Mass Effect Galaxy Modifica

Protagonista Modifica

Galaxy Jacob Taylor
Jacob Taylor

Alleati Modifica

Galaxy Miranda Lawson Galaxy Derek Izunami Galaxy Nax Galaxy Batha
Miranda Lawson Derek Izunami Nax Batha

Nemici Modifica

Galaxy Jath'Amon Blackeye Galaxy Illo Nazario
Jath'Amon Clint "Occhio Nero" Darragh Illo Nazario

Mass Effect: Infiltrator Modifica

Protagonista Modifica

Randall Ezno Profile
Randall Ezno

Alleati Modifica

Inali boxshot Unnamed Volus ally on screen
Inali Renata Volus

Nemici Modifica

MEI unnamed turian facebox The Director MEI
Turian Direttore

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